Nova is a glamorously dramatic necklace in earth tones. A large red agate disk hangs supported by a swirl of copper, and suspended from a handmade chain featuring antique wood and brass beads.

This one, I have to admit, was sort of mis-named because I’d forgotten my college astronomy. The center disk got me thinking of a red giant star, and in my head, that was always a stage in the quest to go supernova… the googles I did the other day tell me that it’s only *sometimes* a stage in that process. Oh well… a star can dream, can’t it?

Anyway, even if a red giant isn’t always going to become a huge, dramatic explosion someday (it has already done some exploding, of course), this necklace will certainly fulfill the drama requirements.. And it’s going to look amazing on you, or whoever you decide to give it to.. 🙂

Nova is 20 inches long and features a handmade hook and eye closure.

Please message me if you have any questions about this necklace.


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